For Partners

Dear Suppliers!

TOP (Tender Online Platform) is the universal tool that allows EC KGNT to work with the entire external world. We have created TOP specifically for the convenience of Suppliers. All those companies or persons who are interested in working with KGNT as suppliers of equipment, materials or services can use the TOP as a portal for proposing their services for upcoming or current projects being worked out within the EC KGNT. The formal procedure of "entry and admission" of Suppliers to projects of EC KGNT is straightforward (please read the special Instruction for Suppliers, posted on the TOP) and allows to ensure communication in the shortest possible time and in the most optimal way between potential Suppliers and those groups of EC KGNT, which are working on various projects and their equipment.

All Suppliers shall be considered by EC KGNT on equal basis and under equal conditions. The main goal of the TOP is to ensure the highest possible quality of projects developed in EC KGNT and this goal shall be achieved by ensuring full openness of EC KGNT to the world, that is by collecting and processing the most up-to-date and most relevant information about technical and technological achievements in areas that are of interest to our ongoing or prospective projects.

On the TOP, we are posting the most relevant information about the current needs of our company for support from the Suppliers. Meanwhile, all registered Suppliers are given the opportunity to familiarize themselves as fully as possible with the details of our requests (which can be extremely diverse!) in a timely manner and to issue technical and commercial proposals (TCH) for the announced bids for the supply of equipment, materials or services.

Those Suppliers whose technical and commercial proposals, based on the results of our internal consideration, will be recognized by us as the winners of the certain bid, will be invited by us for further communication in order to contract or work out further steps within the framework of their participation in certain projects.

We are asking all Suppliers to be sure to take into account that just the fact of a certain Supplier submitting a technical and commercial proposal for a bid announced by us shall not be a basis to demand from us to explain the reasons for our choice of a winner in a particular bid.


Click on the registration link, after that the system will suggest inputting your e-mail, login, password and Company data (title, type of business, BIN). Once the required fields are completed, e-mail confirmation will be sent to your e-mail. After you confirm your e-mail, you will enter the system and get access to your profile, where you can request the system moderator to verify your account after filling-in the supplier questionnaire. Once your account is moderated, the profile status will be changed to “Verified” and you will have access to all tenders and bids.

  • ID card
  • State registration certificate

Go to “Procurement” tab where all purchases are displayed. Click on a certain tender to see more detailed information about it – only for registered users who have completed moderation verification. Those, who have not registered, shall register. There is more detailed tender information and list of current bids in each tender link. You may apply for any Bid by clicking “+ Response” button and completing mandatory and optional data fields in the opened window.

When a tender is completed and if you have won on a certain bid, you will receive e-mail notification about it.

If you haven’t won, you will not receive any notifications – more detailed information can be obtained from the tender announcer. You can find contact details in the “Contacts” tab.

You can also conveniently track each tender by clicking on “Follow” button in the tender card and it will be displayed in your profile in “My Tenders” tab.